Prediction of Electromagnetic Fields (PEM)

Project Summary

The main research topic within the PEM project concerns the statistical approach on cables. In real systems, there is a statistical spread in various parameters e.g. position of wires, size of small apertures, material properties, and also some uncertainties in the behaviour of the electromagnetic field.

These cables consist of a large number of individual wires that are packed into bundles for neatness and space conservation. The electromagnetic fields surrounding these closely spaced individual wires can cause functional degradation of the circuits at the ends of the cable. The magnitude of the electromagnetic interference varies significantly as a function of a number of factors including the cables’ geometry.

Establishing the statistics of the response by repeated computation is time consuming, requiring thousands of computations. Alternative approaches requiring only a small number of computations are being explored.

One of the goals is to find statistical models for the coupling parameters.

Measurements on transmission lines with statistical geometrical variations, and statistical electromagnetic variation will also be performed.

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University of Split, Croatia

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