Anne Roc'h obtains Ph.D degree Cum Laude

On Friday October 12, Ms. Anne Roc’h successfully defended her thesis ‘Behavioural Models for Common Mode EMI Filters’, and obtained her Ph.D. degree cum laude (!).

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Anne’s work was part of the project Multi-domain Optimization of Power Electronics (MOPE), funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs through the IOP programme Elektromagnetische Vermogenstechniek (EMVT).

Her papers have been awarded the Third Best Student Paper Award at the International Zürich Symposium on EMC in 2007 and the Best Student Paper Award at the Asia-Pacific Symposium on EMC in 2008. She received a personal Young Scientist Award to join the General Assembly of URSI in Chicago in 2008.

She is now working as an EMC Engineer in the System Electrical Layout (SEL) group at ASML, Veldhoven, the Netherlands. She is also a Guest Researcher in the Electromagnetics group at Eindhoven University of Technology.