Best Poster Award for Ph.D candidate Olga Tereshchenko

Olga Tereshchenko wins Best Poster Award in Brussels

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Olga Tereshchenko of the Telecommunication Engineering Group at EEMCS, has received the ‘Best Poster Award’ at the URSI Benelux Forum 2012, on Friday September 14, in Brussels, Belgium.

The poster was about the research work in the ‘Embedded Metamaterials for performance Boost, EMC and Lower Costs (EMPEC) project.

Co-authored with Frits Buesink and Frank Leferink of the TE group, the poster was titled ‘EBG Structures on High-k Substrate as a Common Mode Radiation Suppressor’.

Olga Tereshchenko was also nominated for the ‘Best Student Paper Award’ at the IEEE EMC Symposium 2012 on August 5-10,2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.