Academic Staff


Prof. dr. Richard Boucherie
Room ZI-4025
Phone (+31)534893432

Probability theory, queueing theory.
Communications, transportation and healthcare


Prof. dr. Nico van Dijk
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895466

Queueing networks
OR and simulation
Healthcar e

D:\Local\Jan-Kees\gezicht\2011\small\maurits.jpg Erik van Doorn
Room ZI-3062
Phone (+31)534893408

Markov chains, birth-death processes and quasi-stationary distributions

Dr. ir. Jasper Goseling
Room ZI-4015
Phone (+31)534893369

Fundamentals of wireless communications, information theory, queueing systems


Dr. Maurits de Graaf
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895468

Power minimization in ad-hoc networks


Dr. Nikky Kortbeek
Room ZI-4054
Phone (+31)534895414

Strategic planning in health care

Prof. dr. Marie-Colette van Lieshout
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895647

Spatial statistics, stochastic geometry, image understanding, simulation based inference

Dr. Tekie Leonida
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534894029

Prof. dr. Nelly Litvak
Room ZI-4031
Phone (+31)534893388

Complex networks, ranking algorithms, applied probability, queueing systems, health care logistics

Dr. Jan-Kees van Ommeren
Room ZI-4003
Phone (+31)534893465

Stochastic models of logistic systems


Dr. ir. Werner Scheinhardt
Room ZI-4011
Phone (+31)534893832

Fluid queues in a random environment with applications in telecommunication systems


Dr. Judith Timmer
Room ZI-4009
Phone (+31)534893419

Applications of game theory in logistic systems
Cooperatives games (with random payoffs)

Dr. Bart Veltman
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895502

Dr. Ir. Maartje van de Vrugt
Room ZI-4013
Phone (+31)534895451

Appointment schedules in health care

Dr. Ir. Maartje Zonderland
Room ZI-4050

Appointment planning in healthcare
Optimization of healthcare processes using medical device data