Short description of current projects

Short description of current projects

Anomalous decisions emergence system

The goal of this project is the development of mathematical tools for emerging anomaliness in workflows and data flows for systems in which bounded rational decision-making takes place. ... read more

'Dynafloat: Dynamic urban traffic management using floating car, planning, and infrastructure data'

This research project focuses on logistics and mobility, and seeks to reconcile economic, social and ecological objectives. That is: transport and logistics should be maximally efficient, with minimum delay and limited adverse impact on the environment (carbon and particle emission, noise). The project deals with developing brand new analytical models for the dynamic traffic control (at the tactical as well as operational level) through road infrastructures and based on the three sorts of input data, mentioned before. ... read more

Optimizing healthcare logistics

Driven by increased health expenditures, an ageing population, and long waiting lists, the majority of the health care organisations is reconsidering the internal work processes. The challenge is to redesign the work flow in such a way that both the interests of the patient and of the organisation are addressed. ... read more

Optimal Logistic Design of Multidisciplinary Care Pathways

Driven by public opinion, increased health expenditures, an ageing population, and long waiting lists, a flood of changes in the healthcare system has been set in motion to try to make the Dutch hospitals more efficient. In this research, we will investigate how the capacity planning and control in a multidisciplinary care pathway should be organized, such that timely treatment for all patients can be ensured while an efficient care pathway is maintained. ... read more