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Short description of completed projects

Beyond 3G: Building Expertise Yielding Outperforming Networks Derived from 3G

Beyond3G focuses on professional users, in particular the police and businessmen, having access to their corporate ICT facilities while travelling. The project creates ubiquitous, secure and seamless access over heterogeneous networks including UMTS and WLAN, and addresses the resulting capacity needs. ... read more

BRICKS: Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society (Bsik)

The BRICKS project stimulates fundamental research in computer science thus improving the innovation climate in the Netherlands and generating sustainable economic growth, which is highly driven by ICT. At the same time, BRICKS stimulates the interaction and cooperation of research groups with industry, to evade the so-called European paradox. This paradox states that often excellent research is carried out in Europe, but when it comes to the ability to transform the results into applications which create wealth, Europe is lagging behind the USA. ... read more

CASIMIR: Maximizing the lifetime of robust ad-hoc networks.

In emergency situations (for example earthquakes, accidents or attacks), it is of vital importance for rescue personnel to obtain an accurate and consistent picture of the situation, and to regain control on the shortest possible notice. This prevents further escalation, minimises the number of casualties and restricts the damage. In such a situation, communication is complicated because existing communication infrastructures (like GSM and UMTS) may not be available. Emergency services therefore use their own portable ‘mobile’ ad-hoc communication equipment. As the emergency workers should be highly mobile, such equipment should be small and light. ... read more

EasyWireless: Multipath Routing and Mobility

Rapid advancements in portable computing and wireless communication have led to a broad interest in instantly deployable, wireless data networks. These so called "ad-hoc networks" are particularly of interest for rescue services. C2000, which is currently introduced for such services in the Netherlands, is capable of voice communication. The Easy Wireless project investigates interworking and QoS provisioning in wireless ad-hoc networks and aims at research towards appropriate solutions for service continuity and QoS control. ... read more