09-06-2015: Second prize in the CTIT PhD Carrousel for Mihaela Mitici

PhD candidate Mihaela Mitici won the second prize in the PhD Carrousel organized during “CTIT SYMPOSIUM - SMART SOCIETIES: SAFETY, SECURITY & PRIVACY” on June 9, 2015. In only 3 minutes, Mihaela explained her research on mathematical modeling for wireless sensor networks to a broad audience. Her pitch emphasized the wide variety of sensor applications now available, the challenges current sensor networks face, as well as the mathematical techniques used during her PhD program to achieve a high data reliability, energy-efficient sensor transmissions and timely delivery of sensed data. Last but not least, Mihaela stressed the importance of developing mathematical models for sensors in close collaboration with private sensor companies such as Munisense and ADT Security Systems in an aim to bring together the theory and the practical implications of sensor networks for safe, energy-aware and user-customized living and working environments.

Mihaela Mitici is a PhD candidate in the Stochastic Operations Research group, EWI. She works within the RRR project (Realisation of Reliable and Secure Residential Sensor Platforms) on data compression and retrieval for wireless sensor networks.