12-05-2014: Best Presentation Award WIC/IEEE for Mihaela Mitici

D:\Local\Jan-Kees\gezicht\2011\small\mihaela.jpgPhD student Mihaela Mitici from Stochastic Operations Research Group, University of Twente, wins prize at WIC/ IEEE SP Benelux conference 2014

On 12th May 2014, Mihaela Mitici won the Best Presentation Award at the Fourth joint WIC/IEEE SP Symposium on Information Theory and Signal Processing in the Benelux.

The topic of the presentation was “Energy-Delay Trade-off of Wireless Data Collection in the Plane”. During the presentation, mathematical models to minimize the energy consumption and data retrieval delay in wireless sensor networks were addressed. The first model analyzes the energy consumption under a maximum delay constraint by means of random graphs. The second model provides closed-form expressions for the energy consumption at minimum delay.

Mihaela Mitici has been a PhD student in the Stochastic Operations Group since September 2011. She works within the RRR project (Realisation of Reliable and Secure Residential Sensor Platforms) on data compression and retrieval in wireless sensor networks.