PhD graduates

SOR: PhD graduates On this page our PhD graduates are presented. To download their thesis, follow the link to the (former) PhD Student.
Name Graduation dateTitleSupervisors
Dr. W.L.F. van der Hoorn (Pim) October 7, 2016 Asymptotic analysis of network structures: degree-degree correlations and directed paths Dr. N. Litvak
professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. N.M. van de Vrugt (Maartje) July 1, 2016 Efficient healthcare logistics with a human touch professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. M.A. Mitici (Mihaela) November 18, 2015 Performance analysis of data retrieval in wireless sensor networks J. Goseling M. de Graaf
professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. A. Braaksma (Aleida) September 25, 2015 Timely and efficient planning of treatments through intelligent scheduling professor R.J. Boucherie
professor P.J.M. Bakker
Dr. N. Baër (Niek) June 6, 2015 Queueing and Traffic dr.J.C.W. van Ommeren
professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. Y. Chen (Yanting) May 22, 2015 Random walks in the quarter-plane: invariant measures and performance bounds J. Goseling
professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. D.P. Reijsbergen (Daniël) December 6, 2013 Efficient simulation techniques for stochastic model checking W.R.W. Scheinhardt P.T. de Boer
professor R.J. Boucherie
professor B.R.H.M. Haverkort
Dr. E. van der Veen (Egbert) November 22, 2013 Personnel preferences in personnel planning and scheduling professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. P.J.H. Hulshof (Peter) November 21, 2013 Integration decision making healthcare. An operations research and management science perspective professor R.J. Boucherie
professor E.W. Hans
Dr. I. Endrayanto Aluicius (Irwan) May 30, 2013 Optimal resource allocation in downlink CDMA wireless networks professor R.J. Boucherie
professor J.L. van den Berg
Dr. N. Kortbeek (Nikky) November 23, 2012 Quality-driven Efficiency in Healthcare professor R.J. Boucherie
professor P.J.M. Bakker
Dr. M.E. Zonderland (Maartje) January 27, 2012 Curing the queue professor R.J. Boucherie
dr. F. Boer
dr. N. Litvak
Dr. P.T. Vanberkel (Peter) May 27, 2011 Interacting hospital departments and uncertain patient flows: theoretical models and applications professor R.J. Boucherie E.W. Hans
professor J.L. Hurink
Dr. D.I. Miretskiy (Denis) November 12, 2009 Queueing networks: rare events and fast simulations W.R.W. Scheinhardt
professor R.J. Boucherie
professor M.R.H. Mandjes (University of Amsterdam)
Dr. R. de Haan (Roland) June 4, 2009 Processor-Sharing Queues and Resource Sharing in Wireless LANs professor R.J. Boucherie
dr. J.C.W. van Ommeren
Dr. Y.V. Volkovich (Yana) April 24, 2009 Stochastic analysis of web page ranking dr. N. Litvak
professor R.J. Boucherie
Dr. S.K. Cheung (Sing Kong) June 1, 2007 Processor-Sharing Queues and Resource Sharing in Wireless LANs professor R.J. Boucherie
professor J.L. van den Berg
Dr. N.D. van Foreest (Nicky) December 17, 2004 Flow control mechanisms in packet networks W.R.W. Scheinhardt
professor M.R.H. Mandjes
Dr. R. Litjens (Remco) September 12, 2003 Stochastic performance analysis of capacity allocation policies in 2.5/3G mobile networks professor W.H.M. Zijm
dr. R.J. Boucherie E.W. Hans (Erwin) September 12, 2001 Resource loading by branch-and-price techniques A.J.R.M. Gademann
professor W.H.M. Zijm
professor S.L. van de Velde M.J.J. Garvels (Marnix) October 20, 2000 The splitting method in rare event simulation V.F.Nicola
professor J.H.A. de Smit
professor I.G.M.M Niemegeers W.R.W. Scheinhardt (Werner) December 4, 1998 Markov-modulated and feedback fluid queues E.A. van Doorn
professor J.H.A. de Smit.