Dinsdag seminar

The Dinsdag seminar provides a platform for guests and members of the DMMP and SOR groups to report on their research. The presentations are also understandable for non-specialists. The seminar takes place on a weekly basis

Tuesday, 12:45—13:30, Hal B 2A

Next presentations:

May 6 Jose Correa, Universidad de Chile, Santiago Optimal continuous pricing with strategic customers May 19 Bora Keskin (The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business) May 26 Pim van der Hoorn (UT-EWI-SOR) June 2 Jasper Goseling (UT-EWI-SOR) September 22 Anne Buijsrogge (UT-EWI-SOR) September 29 Corine Laan (UT-EWI-SOR)

Past presentations:



August 26

Tomas Valla (Czech Technical University, Prague)

LP-based Covering Games with Low Price of Anarchy

July 8

Yana Volkovich, Cornell Tech

Core Decomposition of Uncertain Graphs

June 10

Pim van der Hoorn (UT-EWI-SOR)

Degree-degree dependency measures in directed networks

June 5

Jasper Goseling (UT-EWI-SOR)

A Random Access Scheme with Physical-layer Network Coding and User Identification

May 27

Anna Khmelnitskaya (UT-EWI-DMMP)

The prenucleolus and the prekernel for games with communication structures

May 20

David Stanford ( Western University, London, Canada)

An Optimization Model to Minimize Expected Excess Waiting Time that Employs Accumulating Priority Queues



Dec 18

Francois Le Gland (INRIA, Rennes, France)

Rare event simulation in switching diffusions

Oct 30

Jeannette Janssen (Dalhousie University, Canada)

Geometric embeddings of graphs and graph limits

May 22

Niek Baër (UT-EWI-SOR)

The PH/PH/1 threshold queue - An application in highway traffic

March 20

Jasper Goseling (UT-EWI-SOR)

A Linear Programming Approach to Error Bounds for Random Walks in the Positive Orthant

March 13

Maartje van de Vrugt (UT-EWI-SOR)

Erlang loss queues with advance resource reservation

Feb 21

Bodo Manthey (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Stochastic Mean Payoff Games: Smoothed Analysis and Approximation Schemes

Feb 14

Veselin Jungic (Simon Fraser University)

On monotone and double arithmetic progressions

Jan 24

Malte Risto (UT-CTW-CTS)

The social dilemma of traffic flow improvement: using the example of Connected Cruise Control


Dec 6

Ruben van der Zwaan (Maastricht University)

Preemptive and Non-Preemptive Generalized Min Sum Set Cover

Nov 22

Maartje Zonderland (UT-EWI-SOR)

Planning and Scheduling of Semi-Urgent Surgeries: Implementation Study in Neurosurgery

Nov 15

Ove Göttsche (UT-EWI-SST)

The deconvolution operator and the difference of convex risk measures

Nov 7

Sandeep Juneja (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India)

The Concert/Cafeteria Queueing Game with a Fluid/Finite Population

Nov 1

Berend Roorda (UT-MB-F&A)

The impact of risk on value: axioms, unique updating, and the role of dynamic programming

Oct 25

Sameh Haneyah (UT-MB-OMPL)

Generic Planning and Control of Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHSs)

Oct 18

Harm Bossers (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Online Outlier Detection in Testing of Integrated Circuits using KernelDensity Estimation

Sep 20

Ruben Hoeksma (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Decentralized Scheduling Solutions: a Game Theoretic Approach

July 12

Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (Columbia University)

Weighted Branching Processes with Mixed Signed Weights

June 14

Konstantin Avratchenkov (INRIA)

Socially-Aware and Cooperative Network Formation Games

May 31

Maarten IJzerman (UT-MB-HTSR)

Decision making in medicine and medical product development

May 17

Andreas Fügener (Technische Universität München)

Master Surgery Scheduling under Consideration of Multiple Downstream Units

May 3

Jasper Goseling (UT-EWI-SOR)

The Potential of Network Coding in Wireless Communications

May 2

Yana Volkovich (Barcelona Media Innovation Centre)

Social apples and oranges: a study of the different social networks

April 26

Maartje van de Vrugt

Model Based Control - Improving efficiency on wastewater treatment plants

April 12

Bodo Manthey (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Smoothed Analysis of Euclidean Functionals

April 5

Anthony Ohazulike (UT-CTW-CTS)

Multi-Objective Road Pricing: A Competitive and Cooperative Multi-level Approach

Feb 15

Elisa Alvarez (UT-MB-OMPL)

The selective use of emergency shipments for service-contract differentiation

Feb 8

Jaroslav Krystul (UT-EWI-SST)

Splitting Methods for Rare–Event Simulation: Some Issues in Large–Scale Stochastic Hybrid Systems


Dec 14

Reinoud Joosten (UT-MB-F&A)

Stochastic games with endogenous transitions

Nov 30

B.V. Raghavendra Rao (Saarland University)

Probabilistic Analysis of Christofides' Algorithm

Nov 16

Jan Telgen (UT-MB-OMPL)

OR challenges in Purchasing management

Nov 9

Anna Khmelnitskaya

Tree-type values for cycle-free directed graph games

Oct 5

Carl Chiarella (University of Technology, Sydney, and Convenor, Financial Integrity Research Network, Australia)

The Evaluation of Barrier Option Prices under Stochastic Volatility

Sep 28

Alje van den Bosch

Proportional Fair Ramp Metering

Aug 24

Daniel Paulusma (Durham University)

Narrowing Down the Gap on the Complexity of Coloring P_k-Free Graphs

July 6

Yoni Nazarathy (TU/e, EURANDOM)

Model predictive control for queueing networks

June 29

Michel Vellekoop (UvA)

Sahara Utility and Optimal Investment and Consumption

June 22

Ali Eshragh (University of South Australia)

Hamiltonian Cycles, Random Walks and Discounted Occupational Measures

June 8

Kolja Loebniz (UT-MB-F&A)

Quantitative Liquidity Risk Management in Banks

May 18

Tom van Woensel (TU/e)

Self-Imposed Time Windows in Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Service Times and Fixed Shift Duration

May 11

Henk Zijm (UT-MB-OMPL)

Stochastic Models for Manufacturing Systems

April 29

Mahmoud Fouz (Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany)

Asymptotically Optimal Randomized Rumor Spreading

April 28

Khaled Elbassioni (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany)

Every Stochastic Game with Perfect Information Admits a Canonical Form

April 27

Arun Bagchi (UT-EWI-SST)

Application of Particle Filtering in Mathematical Finance

April 6

Georg Still (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Wardrop vs Nesterov traffic equilibrium model

March 31

Aymeric Lardon (Université de St. Etienne, France)

The γ-core in Cournot oligopoly TU-games with capacity constraints

March 30

Marc Wouters (UT-MB-F&A)

Management of early-stage new product development projects: a simplified options approach

March 23

Judith Vink-Timmer (UT-EWI-SOR)

Cost Sharing in a Tandem Network

March 16

Wim Albers (UT-EWI-SP)

Negative Binomial control charts for health care monitoring

March 9

Marc Uetz (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Mechanism Design & Scheduling

Mar 2

Bodo Manthey (UT-EWI-DMMP)

Approximation Algorithms for Multi-Criteria Traveling Salesman Problems

Feb 2

Anna Khmelnitskaya (SPb Institute for Economics and Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences)

On 1-convexity and nucleolus of co-insurance games

Jan 19

Holger I. Meinhardt (Institute for Statistics and Economic Theory, University of Karlsruhe)

A Dual Pre-Kernel Representation based on the Fenchel-Moreau Conjugation of the Characteristic Function


The Industrial Engineering Seminar was previously known as the dinsdagseminarium which has been taking place since 2004. Details of past presentations in the dinsdagseminarium can be found here.