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MSc Seminar on November 29, 12.30-13.30 in CI H327.

Speakers are

- Mihaela Mitici and


Niek Baër

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Symposium Quality-driven Efficiency in Healthcare

On November 23th, 2012, Nikky Kortbeek defends his PhD thesis "Quality-driven Efficiency in Healthcare". Prior to this ceremony, a symposium with the same title is organized by CHOIR (Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research). We cordially invite you to attend both the symposium and the PhD defence. The events will be held at the University of Twente.

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IE Seminar November 20, 12:45-13:30 in CI H327

Multi-objective optimization in a multimodal transportation network: interpretation of the Pareto set


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We define the optimization of infrastructure planning in a multimodal network as a multi-objective network design problem, rather than evaluating a pre-defined set of network scenarios. This provides insight into the extent to which facilitating better transfers between modes by improving the public transport system can contribute to various aspects of sustainability, namely accessibility, operation deficit, use of urban space and climate impact. Decision variables are the location of park and ride facilities, train stations and the frequency of public transport lines. For a real life case study the multi objective network optimization is executed. This results in a Pareto set which is estimated by a genetic algorithm. Analysis of the Pareto set shows that minimizing the use of urban space clearly competes with minimizing operations deficits. Furthermore, travel time and climate impact are rather in line with each other. It is shown that the Pareto set is strongly influenced by the frequency of one specific train line. Finally, relations between decision variables and objective values are found: increasing service frequencies is more effective in reducing travel time, climate impact and urban space than opening new park and ride locations or new train stations. This analysis provides insight in what type of network measures should be taken to achieve various objectives and illustrates a way the Pareto set can be used in decision support.

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