Installation new probestation b6

Last week a new probestation was installed in the Measurement and Test Centre (MTC) – the electrical measurement laboratory of SC. The installation is a result of the collaboration of Everbeing Int’l Corp. and SC. The first contact was made at ICMTS 2016 in Yokohama, Japan where Jurriaan Schmitz met Hsiao Taylor, a representative of Everbeing Int’l Corp. It is Everbeing’s wish to gain marketshare in Europe while there is a need for affordable and easy to use tools for electrical measurements by students and researchers of the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. Also a new 4-point probe setup was installed.

The Everbeing SR-4 4-point probe set-up

D:\REBUILD\Staf\MTC\EverBeing\EB6\Installation20160512\Photos_TEstLab\the best\IMG_6095_cut.jpg

The Everbeing EB6IMG_6085_cut

After installation the probestation and the 4-point probe setup were demonstrated to PhD’s, and other interested people.

Sourish Banerjee (SC, PhD) is testing the probes

Xingyu Liu (SC, PhD) makes a 4 point measurement

Everbeing Int’l Corp. can also provide accessories such as cables, probe-needles, custom cabling solutions and connectivity which fits well in our broad spectrum of diverse measurements we perform at SC.

D:\REBUILD\Staf\MTC\EverBeing\EB6\Installation20160512\Photos_TEstLab\the best\IMG_6139_cut.jpg

We celebrated the collaboration over a glass and a bite