ALD conference "All about ALD" in Dublin

ASM International N.V. hosted a technology seminar in Dublin, Ireland, on Tuesday July 26th, 2016, on the second day of the ALD Conference. In this “all about ALD” technology seminar, ASM and two guest speakers addressed challenges and opportunities in the so-called Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes and equipment to manufacture next generations of micro-electronic devices.

One of the guest speakers, dr. Alexey Y. Kovalgin of the SC chair, gave a presentation entitled “Thermal, plasma and hot-wire assisted ALD of two and single element films”. He highlighted the achievements in the novel Hot-wire assisted ALD (HWALD) processes, recently developed in the group to deposit thin films of various materials.

Further, we are proud to announce that our PhD student Sourish Banerjee presented a poster entitled “Deposition of thin layers containing Ga, C and N by sequential pulses of Trimethylgallium and Ammonia” at this conference. We acknowledge the Dutch Technology Foundation (STW) and ASM International N.V. for their financial support of our research activities.