Welcome to the group Semiconductor Components

The group of Semiconductor Components studies the heart of electronics: the semiconductor device. Think of transistors, diodes, solar cells, and sensors. Our investigations range from materials science via microfabrication to device characterization, modeling, and long-term reliability. Focal points of our research are:

Latest news


At the European Solid-State Device Research Conference, Giulia Piccolo has presented her latest results on silicon light emitters. ... read more

EuroCVD 2013

Alexey Kovalgin presented a paper on low-temperature fabricated waveguides for integration of optics into microchips at the recently held EuroCVD conference in Varna, Bulgaria. ... read more

IEDM 2013

Alessandro Ferrara presented a paper at the recently held IEDM conference in Washington. ... read more

International Ultrasonics Symposium

At the International Ultrasonics Symposium in Florida, Sumy Jose has presented her two latest findings on BAW reflector stacks. ... read more