Welcome to the group Semiconductor Components

The group of Semiconductor Components studies the heart of electronics: the semiconductor device. Think of transistors, diodes, solar cells, and sensors. Our investigations range from materials science via microfabrication to device characterization, modeling, and long-term reliability. Focal points of our research are:

Latest news

Lecture on Nobel Prize in Physics

The faculty of Applied Sciences and Studium Generale organize annual lectures about the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. On 29 October, Jurriaan Schmitz ... read more


On 18 June 2014, S.N.R. Kazmi successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis “Capacitively Transduced Polycrystalline GeSi MEM Resonators”. ... read more

ICMTS Hao Van Bui

At ICMTS 2014, Hao Van Bui presented a paper: An approach to characterize ultra-thin films protected against native oxidation by an in-situ capping layer. ... read more

Nano & Giga 2014 Conference

At the Nano & Giga 2014 Conference, held in Phoenix on March 10-14, Alexey Kovalgin and Jurriaan Schmitz gave invited presentations about work of the SC group. ... read more