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Packing your ICT –equipment aka PC

Packing your ICT –equipment aka PC

First make a back-up of your most important files (like you do daily right?0

Then e-mail to Thijs or Henk the system number of the system you are about to pack.

Unplug the equipment yourself or ask Thijs or Pino.

Put the appropriate sticker (including your desknr) on all the equipment (put the sticker on the back of your monitor. Not on the front

Get a rolling-container cardboard box and put your PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc in that box. Use bubble foil where necessary. Put the box in a rolling container

Put a sticker on the card box and on the rolling container.

Unpacking, well that is easy right?

Be aware that at first printing and backing up could be an issue. But that will be solved within a few days.

Your IPnr, which is now something like, will be changed into