MESA+ University of Twente

Important dates

Important dates:

Februari 26 11:30-12:00 packing instructions in the Kanteen Hogekamp

April 7 moving of all offices.

March 29-April 23 Torque Magnetometer offline

April 5-April 23 Bruker offline

April 12 –April 23 Anomolus Hall Offline offline

April 16 Moving of Torque Magnetomete,Bruker,Anomolous Hall

April 19 – May 7 Oxford VSM-AHM offline

April 26 – May 7 Oxford CRYO SVT setup Offline

April 26 – May 24 MO-Kerr Setup Offline

April 28 Moving of the Oxford VSM-AHM setup

April 29 Moving of the Oxford Cryo-SVT and former E-VSM

May 11 Moving of the MO-Kerr

May 17 – June 11 VSM-10 Offline

May 17 –May 28 AFM Offline

May 27 Moving of the VSM-10

May 28 Moving of the AFM

May 24-June11 Heliox Offline

June 3 Moving of the Heliox

The date for moving the BEEMS and the FIBER-MFM will follow as soon as we know when we can move into the nanolba facilities.