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Joost Lötters on television and radio at RTV Oost

Coming Friday, November 4th, Joost Lötters will appear in the television show "Overijssel Vandaag" at RTV Oost, between approximately 17:20 and 17:40. He will talk about recent results of our sensor research, for example our 6 degree-of-freedom force and moment sensor, which is the smallest sensor in its kind, and our micro Coriolis mass flow sensor. He will also discuss our cooperation with companies in the area, e.g. Bronkhorst High-Tech, as well as cooperation between these companies, e.g. through the AMMON foundation, and how innovations originating from the University of Twente can eventually result in start-up companies and employment in our region. After 17:40 there will also be an interview on the radio in the program "Punt Komma".