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Micro Sensors & Systems

Working with nano-particles at NE and MSS

April 2013

When working with nanoparticles or working in a cabinet where people work with nano-particles the first thing is to be aware of the possible but unknown health dangers. In this case it is good to consider nanoparticles as dangerous and treat them likewise.

Always wear the safety-glasses, lab coat and two pair of safety gloves. The nitril gloves will not protect you against any chemicals or nanoparicles. So please wear the black neoprene gloves over the nitril gloves.

Normally all the nanoparticles are deposted as a dispersion, which is dryed afterwards. Please try drying only in the fumebox.

Cleaning, in order to remove nanoparticles, should always be done with damp or wet tissues using alcohol or water.

Workbench and other surfaces as well as tools should always be cleaned after use.

Wipe the surface or tool several times with clean tissues and put the tissue after each wipe in the white waste-bin in the cabinet. When the white waste-bin is full put the lid on and dump it in the black container in the chemical lab.

When moving tools outside of the lab, please put them in a container.

Leave the lab coat safety glasses and neoprene gloves in the chemical lab. Do not take them outside of the lab.

Once a week the fumebox should be cleaned especially the work surface. Users of the fumebox will make a cleaning schedule.

In case of a spill in the fumebox, clean it thoroughly. In case of a spill outside the fumebox. Warn the other people in the lab clean it thoroughly, warn the safety coordinator so he can decide what further measures should be taken.

Do not scratch, rub or polish, samples containing nanoparticles, other than with a wet tissue.