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Micro Sensors & Systems

Research Group Micro Sensors & Systems

Welcome at the new site of the Transducers Science and Technology (TST) group with our new name Micro Sensors and Systems (MSS). At MSS we specialize in three-dimensional nano- and microfabrication based on top down lithography methods. Within the MESA+ Research Institute for Nanotechnology, we invent new fabrication techniques and acquire fundamental understanding on the underlying physics. We demonstrate the techniques on various devices and try to understand the science of working principles and design, with the aim to ultimately transfer our knowledge to industry. We work closely together with the Mesoscale Chemical Sytems group.

Prof. Gijs Krijnen and prof. Leon Abelmann have moved to the Robotics and Mechatronics group.

We contribute substantially to the classical physics education of engineers at the University of Twente, mainly the Electrical Engineering and Advanced Technology bachelor tracks, Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology master programs and Nanodevices and Systems graduate school.