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Mathematics of Computational Science

Mathematics of Computational Science

Staff of the MACS program is involved in teaching a variety of courses at Bachelor, Master and Post-Graduate level.. ·

  • BSc Technische Wiskunde
    MACS contributes to the bachelor program Applied Mathematics and service teaching for other departments. Currently, a significant activity is ongoing in defining new modules for the TW/TN Bachelor programs and other bachelor programs at UT.
  •  MSc Applied Mathematics
    Applied Mathematics has two specializations. We participate in the specialization: Mathematical systems theory, applied analysis and computational science (SACS)
    The specialization SACS focuses on fundamental and practical aspects of dynamical phenomena and computational and control aspects thereof. With this specialization you will become an expert in developing and applying mathematical tools for solving problems that arise in physical and technical systems.
    For the course programme please click here .
  • We contribute to the Twente Graduate School through the program ‘Computational Science’.
  • Classes on numerical Applied Finite Element Methods have been given in the National Masters Program in Mathematics (Mastermath) in collaboration with the Technical University Delft.

Also, Prof. van der Vegt taught a class on Multigrid Methods at the University of Science and Technology of China.