The IMST 2007 program

Monday 18th of June

17:00-19:00 Tutorial Session on System Aspects (sponsored by ProTeM*)

Abu Sebastian, IBM Zurich, CH, “Tutorial on positioning” (invited)

Oleg Zaboronski, Arithmatica, UK, ”Tutorial on coding” (invited)

Sape Mullender, Bell Labs, USA, “Tutorial on filesystems” (invited)

*ProTeM is the Probe-based Terabit Memory project

Tuesday 19th of June

8:15 – 8:30 Welcome


8:30 – 10:30 Morning I: Emerging and Future Technologies

H. Richter, Thomson Villingen, GER

“Application & Technology Trends in Optical Storage” (invited)

S. Parkin, IBM Almaden RC, USA

“The Magnetic Racetrack Memory: a novel spintronic device based on current induced precessional motion of domain walls” (invited)

Haris Pozidis, IBM Zurich Laboratories, CH

“Scanning-probe-based Data Storage” (invited)


11:00-12:15 Morning II Future and Emerging Technologies / Magnetic Recording

Dorothea Wiesman, IBM

“Ultra-high Storage Densities with Thermo-Mechanical Probes and Polymer Media” (invited)

L. Abelmann et al., University of Twente

“Scanning probe array memory research at the university of Twente”

J.B.C. Engelen et al., University of Twente

“Anomalous hall effect measurements on a nanosized CoPt dot array”

M. C. Hickey et al., University of Leeds

“Domain walls compressed by shape anisotropy in magnetic nanoconstrictions”


14:00-15:15 Afternoon I Magnetic Recording

T. Schrefl ,University of Sheffield, GB

“Micromagnetic simulations on magnetic recording” (invited)

M. Asbahi, et al., SPINTEC

“Recording performances onto nano-imprinted pre-patterned perpendicular magnetic media”

R. Luttge et al., University of Twente

“Nanolithography for patterned magnetic data storage media”

T.C. Ulbrich et al., University of Konstanz

“Magnetic films on nanospheres: Realization of tilted media”


15:45-18:00 Poster Session


18:30-……. Conference Dinner

Wednesday 20th of June

8:30 – 10:15 Morning I: Optical Storage / Future and Emerging Technologies

M. Mansuripur ,Univ. Tucson, USA

"Information Storage and Retrieval using Macro-molecules as Storage Media" (invited)

J. Om, Hynix Semiconductor Inc,

"Scaling Issues in NAND FLASH Memory” (invited)

K. Curtis, InPhase Technologies, USA

"Holographic drive and media developments at InPhase” (invited)

A.S. Matharu et al., University of York

“Novel azothiophene polyesters for holographic storage”


10:45-12:15 Morning II Phase Change / Solid State Memories

D. Keitel-Schultz (Qimonda, GER)

“Data security in memory systems and solutions” (invited)

R. Pandian et al., University of Groningen

“Phase-change and electrolytic switching in chalcogenide thin films”

J. Gutwirth et al., University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

“RF magnetron sputtered Ge2Sb2Te5 thin film characterization”

F. Merget et al, RWTH Aachen University

“Conduction mechanisms of amorphous and crystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 at low temperatures”

C.D. Wright et al., University of Exeter

“Understanding multi-state phase-change memories and processors”


14:00-16:00 Afternoon I Phase Change /Solid State Memories / Others

Welnic RWTH Aachen University

“The role of vacancies in phase change materials – controlling material properties from first principles” (invited)

Dae-Hwang Kim et al., RWTH Aachen University

“3d-simulation based analysis of cell design concepts for phase change random access memory”

M. Armand et al CEA-LETI MINATEC

“Random approach for crystallization modelling in phase-change memory”

H. Gatzen et al., University of Hannover

“A Slider with an Integrated Microactuator (SLIM) for Second Stage Actuation in Hard Disc Drive's”

V.L. Safonov, Mag & Bio Dynamics Inc.

“Hard disk drive as a logic device”


16:00 Goodbye from local chair

Poster Contributions

Poster Contributions

C. Papusoi et al., SPINTEC

“Heating and cooling dynamics in thermally assisted MRAM”

R.C. Sousa et al., SPINTEC

“Determination of the absolute heat capacity in magnetic tunnel junction nanopillars”

I. Guhr et al., University of Konstanz

“Perpendicular exchange bias in [Pd/Co]-CoO nanostructures”

S. Tibus et al., University of Konstanz

“Magnetic patterning by focused ion beam irradiation”

F. Springer et al., University of Konstanz

“Formation of magnetic patterns using spherical nanoparticles”

M. Delalande et al, CEA Grenoble

“Core-shell structure of FePt nanoparticles synthesised by a chemical route: a comparative study”

M. Jean-Philippe Attane et al “CEA Grenoble

“Domain wall depinning over a single defect : the role of thermal activation”

T. Parnell et al., University of Warwick

"Soft Detection-Decoding Schemes for the Probe Storage Read Channel"

A.M. Hoexum et al., University of Twente

“Transfer of wireless microactuators for data storage purposes”

A.M. Hoexum et al., University of Twente

“Image charge stepping actuator for data storage purposes”

A.J. le Fèbre et al., University of Twente

“Field emission to control tip-sample distance in probe recording”

M. Patrascu et al., IMEC-NL/University of Twente

“Wear and friction of silicon nitride surfaces of an electrostatic MEMS actuator for µSPAM”

M.G. Khatib et al., University of Twente

“Exploring the Data-Layout Design Space of MEMS-Based Storage Systems”

J.P.J. Groenland et al., University of Twente

“2d coding for probe recording on magnetic patterned media”

T. Bolhuis et al., University of Twente

“Scanning Probe Microscopy Markup Language”

M.H. Siekman et al, University of Twente

“In-field vacuum Magnetic Force Microscope”

B.J. van der Zwaag et al, University of Twente

“Tuning Probe-Storage Parameters Quality of Service ”

Poster Contributions by speakers