Conversational and Interactive Agents

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The Articulated Social Agents Platform (ASAP) provides a collection of software modules for social robots and virtual humans jointly developed by the Sociable Agents group (SoA) in Bielefeld and the Human Media Interaction group (HMI) in Twente. In addition to a collection of tools, we also provide the means (through middleware, architecture concepts and shared build and deployment strategies) to compose virtual human or robot applications in which the tools are embedded. Our current work focuses on AsapRealizer (successor to Elckerlyc and ACE), a BML Realizer (behavior generator) for incremental, fluent, multimodal interaction with a virtual human or robot, and IPAACA, a middleware that implements an incremental processing architecture in a distributed fashion. ... read more

The Virtual Dancer

The Virtual Dancer is an interactive dancing agent. It dances together with the user, aligning the appropriate dance moves in real time to the beat of the music, adapting its style to what it observes from the user through real time computer vision. By alternating patterns of following the user with taking the lead with new moves, the system attempts to achieve a mutual dancing interaction. ... read more

The Reactive Virtual Trainer

Reactive Virtual Trainer (RVT) is an Embodied Conversational Agent capable of presenting physical exercises that are to be performed by a human, monitoring the user and providing feedback at different levels. ... read more