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Remote participants in hybrid meetings often have problems to follow what is going on in the (physical) meeting room they are connected with. The system has been developed in the AMI/AMIDA project as a research vehicle to see how technology based on automatic real-time recognition of conversational behavior in meetings can be used to improve engagement and floor control by remote participants. ... read more


An AMIDA Mini-project in which AMIDA's remote meeting support technology is applied in a practical setting has started in January 2009. Partners of the project are the Dutch AMIDA COI-member T-Xchange and HMI. ... read more

Multimodal Dialogue Management

Multimodal dialogue means that user and computer interact with each other using a choice of different modalities (such as speech, pictures, gestures). Providing natural multimodal dialogue requires dialogue management that can handle both the user's natural language and natural communication in other modalities. We summarise several HMI projects involving multimodal dialogue management in several different application domains. ... read more