October’s ThunderThursday

Dirk had a dream… one in which he was talking to someone else but this person had a television instead of a head. Furthermore, the footage on this TV kept on switching between the one whom he was talking to and Dirk’s face.

Based on this great source of inspiration we started this déjà-reve Thunder Thursday installation. A monitor was placed in a lo-fi case. With some simple Unity code we could switch back and forth between webcam footage and prerecorded movies. The user wearing the television had a view “through” the television by using the Oculus Rift. Leading to this awkward interaction. In the next version a face of the user should be recorded as well to switch between the three footage, TV-head-user and the person interacting “naturally”.

This short movie shows the result of the evening.

Previous Thunder Thursday installations/attemps include

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