Media attention for Interactive Tag Playground at Tetem

The interactive tag playground (ITP) also known as Tag/Tikkertje 2.0 is currently running and can be played with for free at TETEM kunstruimte untill the 26th of April. In this playground the tagger has a orange circle projected around him and the runners have blue ones. Players can tag each other by letting a personal circle surrounding them touch another’s. With the addition of this ambient technology it allows for influencing the game play based on the recognised behavior. For instance, luring players to take more risks, luring them to start tagging someone who hasn’t been a tagger for a long time, or simply increase engagement with cool power-ups when the engagement drops.

Robby, Alejandro, Ronald, Dennis and Dirk are involved in this project. Recently RTV-oost had a short coverage of the exhibition and the playground [in Dutch, minute 4.38-5.18]. The web version of the UTnieuws (full page article is in print). Moreover, the Dutch Radio 1 (1vandaag) visited the ITP and paid attention to it and explained the installation well.

For more information also see this paper on the ITP, or the AT5 coverage of the previous demo of the ITP.

Photo by Hetty de Vries (onderbouw Montessorischool Het Zeggelt Enschede)