Big impact and contribution to COMMIT demo-event

In club TrouwAmsterdam at the Wibautstraat in East Amsterdam the COMMIT mid-term demo event the Big Future of Data took place.

Two installations about interactive tag and virtual training environments for police, both originating from the HMI group (Merijn, Jeroen, Thomas, Robby, Alejandro, Ronald, Dennis and Dirk) made a big part of the appearance in the AT5 coverage of the event.

Furthermore, during the event Roelof showed a poster on his study in motivating people in various stages of change and Khiet showed a demo of fatigue detection from voice. The video what the project is about.

Danish and Roeland also showed their work on enriching user experience in interaction with radio archives. The technology is implemented in a lab version of the portal; it is used at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for searching audiovisual collections; and it is also adopted in a search application for researchers in the Digital Humanities interested in Oral History content

Finally, Gijs presented his work on mediated touch, also showing the new explanatory movie of the TaSST and partner projects.