Hanna's paper received a Best Paper Award

The paper "Three Types of Children’s Informational Web Sites: An Inventory of Design Conventions by Hanna Jochmann-Mannak, Leo Lentz, Theo Huibers, and Ted Sanders, received the "Frank R. Smith Award for Outstanding Article".

"A corpus analysis with 100 informational Web sites for children, shows that many design standards and conventions for children’s Web sites correspond with guidelines and conventions for general Web design. Clearly, designers of children’s informational Web sites follow general Web design guidelines. However, a closer look at the data of the corpus revealed three categories of children’s informational Web sites with specific design approaches for children: a Classic, a Playful, and an Image map design approach. These different design approaches might be compared to what is termed ‘classical aesthetics’ and ‘expressive aesthetics’ by Lavie and Tractinsky (2004) and this perspective is also in line with the ‘user experience’ concept (Hassenzahl & Tractinsky, 2006). The three categories of children’s informational Web sites might have different effects on perceived pragmatic and hedonic quality of the interfaces, which is of importance for future research on what design approaches do or do not support effective and hedonic user experiences."

Jochmann-Mannak, H.E. and Lentz, L. and Huibers, T.W.C. and Sanders, T. (2012) Three types of children’s informational web sites: an inventory of design conventions. Technical communication, 59 (4). pp. 302-323