Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide Media Frenzy

Due to the article on the UT website (about the FROG), and the actual FROG people not being here Michiel gave two radio interviews:

* Radio Enschede FM, “Tuffels” (17:00), 23-09-2014. Starts at about 14m,

* NPO Radio1, WNL “Nu Al Wakker” (05:00), 24-09-2014. Starts at 00:57.

When the actual researchers returned, after their great job, Tweakers did a nice long interview with Vanessa, Randy, Jan and Daphne.


Media coverage:

Engineeringnet, Twentse gidsrobot voor Spaans Koninklijk Paleis, 25-9-2014

Tubantia, 24-9-2014, 23-9-2014

UTnieuws, 23-9-2014

Spanish tv, 7-10-2014

French TV, 16-7-2014

Several Spanish newspapers, 25-9-2014

QMusic, 17-10-2014 (Dutch interview with Michiel, quite funny intro)