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Going out is supposed to be a social experience, but how often do you find yourself standing at the bar, waiting for drinks, surrounded by people that keep their hopeful gaze fixed solely on the bartender? Anemone brings the bar's surface to life, providing entertainment to everyone ... read more

Create & HMI

HMI is involved in several courses. HMI is also a separate masters-programme at the University of Twente. In the bachelor we provide courses like game design for creative technology and artificial intelligence ... read more


Brain computer interaction is one of the research topics of HMI. We are one of the leading research groups in this new and exiting research topic ... read more

Thunder Thursday

Once a month on Thursday night, people from HMI accompanied with some beverages and pizza's have a small creative come together. During these evenings we explore new crazy combinations of the technology we have available. Our latest endeavour was the déjà-reve installation. ... read more