DMMP Seminar

Time: Usually Wednesday, 12:45-13:30
Location: Room H 311, Citadel

Upcoming Talks

20.11.2013 Jasper de Jong The Sequential Price Of Anarchy

Previous Talks

31.07.2013 Thijs van der Klauw Battery Scheduling under various objectives
17.07.2013 Bodo Manthey Random Shortest Paths with Applications
03.07.2013 Rianne Veenstra Smoothed Analysis of the 2-Opt Heuristic for the TSP
19.06.2013 Simone van Balen, Denise van Brenk & Camiel Egbers Klantgericht roosteren - Gebruik van CPsolver binnen Rostar EduFlex
19.06.2013 Anatoliy Babic De bepaling van de optimale aanvulling van een voetbalelftal
15.05.2013 Jasper de Jong Decentralized Throughput Scheduling
17.04.2013 Bodo Manthey Space-Filling Curves for TSP without Space-Filling Curves
27.03.2013 Dongshuan Hou The Shapley Value and Nucleolus of Service Cost Savings Games
07.03.2013 Ruben Hoeksma Two Dimensional Optimal Mechanism Design for a Sequencing Problem
19.12.2012 Kamiel Cornelissen Smoothed Analysis of Belief Propagation for Minimum-Cost Flow and Matching
05.12.2012 Harm Bossers Selection of Tests for Outlier Detection Using ILP
28.11.2012 Walter Kern Matching Games
14.11.2012 Jasper de Jong Decentralized Mechanisms for Throughput Scheduling: Subgame Perfect Equilibria and Deal-Proof Equilibria
24.07.2012 Irana Denissen & Dorien Meijer Cluwen Scheduling in Smart Grids – Presentation for the Final of the MOPTA Challenge 2012
11.07.2012 Yuan Feng A Matrix Approach to the Associated Consistency of the Generalized Shapley Value
04.07.2012 Erik van Holland Contributions to Bin Packing Games
20.06.2012 Lisanne van der Breggen, Elise Davids, Corine Laan & Peter Vermaas Optimalisatie van een wafertestproces
10.05.2012 Jasper de Jong Decentralized Mechanisms for Throughput Scheduling
28.03.2012 Mathijs ter Braak Analysis and Improvement of the High School Timetabling Problem Scheduling Process Using a General XHSTT Format
01.02.2012 Ferry Kristanto Sponsored Search Auctions
11.01.2012 Faizan Ahmad On Connections between Copositive Programming and Semi-Infinite Programming
07.12.2011 Johann Hurink The Lockmaster's Problem
23.11.2011 Bodo Manthey Random Metrics and Shortest Paths
12.10.2011 Bas Joosten SMT vs. ILP Solvers for Scheduling
04.05.2011 Bodo Manthey Deterministic Algorithms for Multi-Criteria TSP
16.03.2011 Xian Qiu Improved Taxation Rate for Bin Packing Games
26.01.2011 Ruben Hoeksma Price of Anarchy for Utilitarian Scheduling Games with Related Machines
16.12.2010 Xiaoyan Zhang An SDP Approximation Algorithm for Max Hypergraph Cut with Limited Unbalance
15.12.2010 Bodo Manthey Graphics in LaTeX: TikZ and PGF
24.11.2010 Gerhard Post The Manufacturer's Pallet Loading Problem
11.11.2010 Matthijs Bomhoff Open Problems Related to Perfect Elimination Bipartite Graphs
03.11.2010 Bodo Manthey Minimum Mean-Weight Cycles with Budgets
29.09.2010 Bodo Manthey Christofides' Algorithm for Multi-Criteria TSP
01.09.2010 Caroline Jagtenberg Lower Bounds for Smith's Rule in Stochastic Machine Scheduling
23.06.2010 Ruben Hoeksma Price of Anarchy for Machine Scheduling with Selfish Jobs
16.06.2010 Boglárka Mosoni From Convex Analysis to Game Theory
12.05.2010 Walter Kern Greedy Algorithms for Linear Programs
21.04.2010 Faizan Ahmad Combinatorial Optimization: Cone Relaxations