Master Projects

Upcoming Final Presentations

There are no upcoming presentations known.

Ongoing Master Projects / Internships

Name Title Abstract Company Finish date
Matthijs Tijink Facility Location under Resilience n.a. Internal t.b.d.
Ingrid Maas Minimising road infrastructure maintenance costs by managing the traffic n.a. DAT.Mobility t.b.d.
Berend Steenhuisen Price of anarchy of affine uniform congestion games n.a. Intern t.b.d.

Finished Master Projects (since 2004)

Name Title Abstract Company Finish date
Jaap Slootbeek Average-Case Analysis of the 2-opt Heuristic for the TSP n.a. Internal 2017
Jelle Neeft Multimodal Map Matching With Smartphone Data: A Shortest Path Approach n.a. 2017
Joram Span Dynamic Pricing for Camping and Bungalow Parks: ILP Models for Revenue Maximization n.a. Stratech b.v. 2017
Kiril Delianov Kolev Sequential Price of Anarchy for Atomic Congestion Games with Limited Number of Players n.a. Internal 2016
Loes Knoben Optimizing the Moment of Customer Delivery in ORTEC Inventory Routing n.a. ORTEC 2016
Femia van Stiphout Approximating the Flow-based Transport Capacity Constraint for the Day-Ahead Power Market n.a. Eneco 2016
Stefan Klootwijk Probabilistic Analysis of Facility Location on Random Shortest Path Metrics n.a. Internal 2016
Victor Reijnder Probabilistic Analysis of Highly Connected Random Geometric Graphs n.a. Internal 2016
Dorien Meijer-Cluwen Dynamic Room Allocation n.a. CES Universiteit Twente 2015
Selmar van der Veen Workforce Scheduling Algorithms at Grolsch Brewery Enschede n.a. Grolsch b.v. 2015
Sijmen de Bruin Data associantion for multiple extended target tracking. Show Thales August, 2015
Oedsen van der Kooi Traffic Assingnment with Junction Modelling in TAPAS Show DAT Mobility June, 2015
Dorien Meijer Cluwen Dynamic Room Allocation - Adaptive planning of teaching facilities at the University of Twente Show Internal May, 2015
Anton Dijkstra Optimizing the material flow at Bosch : supplying the Deventer plant with materials for making heating boilers. Show Bosch December, 2014
Peter Vermaas Increasing tracking performance by improving waveform design n.a. Thales November, 2014
Leon Schimmel Model gebaseerde regelaar voor riolering n.a. Witteveen+Bos August, 2014
Ha Nguyen Fast and Scalable Algorithm for Sequencing Problems with Private Information Show Internal August, 2014
Marten Waanders Approximation Algorithms for Connected Factor Problems Show Internal August, 2014
Enno Boersma VOC soil contamination in urban area: an approach for determining spatial distributions and behaviour in time n.a. Witteveen+Bos April, 2013
Maarten Vinke Scheduling of micro-CHP boilers using Approximate Dynamic Programming Show Internal August, 2012
Jessica Groenhuis Bus Network Design Show Omnitrans August, 2012
Ferry Kristanto Sponsored Search Auctions Show Internal July, 2012
Erik van Holland Contributions to the bin packing problem Show Internal July, 2012
Mathijs ter Braak A Hyperheuristic for generating Timetables in the XHSTT Format Show Internal June, 2012
Roelof Spijker Generic Scheduler for Radar Systems Show Thales June, 2012
Sytse Bisschop Logistics behind Wheel Rail Conditioning Show Structon/ ProRail May, 2012
Heleen Muijlwijk Equilibrium Computation with Junction Modelling Show Omnitrans International B.V. March, 2012
Arjan Feenstra Placement of railway signals using a branch-and-bound method Show Movares January, 2012
Bas Joosten Relaxation of 3-partition instances Show Radboud Universiteit December, 2011
Maarten Bos Programming a CNC-machine using ILP n.a. Internal December, 2011
Sophie van Veldhoven Days off personnel scheduling Show Internal August, 2011
Matthijs Bijl Strategisch plannen met BOSS Show Ortec August, 2011
Mirel Maraha Efficienter gebruik van CT-scanners - een casus bij Medisch Spectrum Twente Show MST August, 2011
Jasper de Jong Het ontwerpen van patronen voor polymetrische metselwerken Show Internal August, 2011
Tim Broeken Het simuleren van de business-simulatie FleXnet Show KEMA August, 2011
Jaap Koelewijn Graph-theoretical aspects of constraint solving in the SST project Show Internal August, 2011
Jelle Duives Mathematical Programming Approach to Multidimensional Mechanism Design for Single Machine Scheduling Show Internal August, 2011
Harald Emsbroek Vloeistoffen in discrete simulatie Show Talumis August, 2011
Léon Klunder Multiple Target Tracking with Closely Spaced Targets n.a. Thales July, 2011
Stijn Duyzer Minimum-Cost Multi-Modal Paths with Arrival Time Constraint Show CQM June, 2011
Ben Rorije Calibrating OD-matrices with public transport and mobile phone data Show OmnitransJune, 2011
Arjan van Leeuwen Static Traffic Assignment with Queuing n.a. Goudappel CoffengMarch, 2011
Arjan Thomas A generic model for tactical planning problems n.a. OrtecNovember, 2011
Caroline Jagtenberg On Machine Scheduling with Exponentially Distributed Processing Times n.a. Universiteit Utrecht December, 2010
Ruben Hoeksma Price of Anarchy for Utilitarian Machine Scheduling Games Show Internal October, 2010
Woutske Hartholt Beslissingsondersteuning voor het aanpassen van de online OK-planning Show IsalaOctober, 2010
Matthias den Hartog Shunt planning : an integral approach of matching, parking and routing Show NS-ReizigersAugust, 2010
Faizan Ahmed Relations Between Semidefinite, Copositive, Semi-Infinite and Integer Programming n.a. InternalMay, 2010
Xian Qiu Bin Packing Games Show InternalMay, 2010
Yuan Feng Show Internal May, 2010
Aleida Braaksma Integral multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment planning n.a. AMCMarch, 2010
Eric Raesen A time-based order fill rate model for spare parts n.a. VanderLande December, 2009
Wendy Stut Een stochastisch optimalisatie model voor een robuuste dienstregeling: Een nieuwe oplosmethode n.a. NS-ReizigersSeptember, 2009
Diana van de Weijenberg Seinplaatsing Spoorwegen n.a. Movares September, 2009
Anthony Ohazulike Multi-Objective Road Pricing Problem: A Cooperative and Competitive Bilevel Optimization Approach Show Goudappel CoffengAugust, 2009
Kamiel Cornelissen Algorithmic feature generation for microscale topographies Show Internal July, 2009
Ties Brands Optimization of Toll Levels in Networks n.a. Goudappel Coffeng August, 2008
Anke Rouwette Suppy Chain Optimization n.a. Unilever July, 2008
Maarten Schilpzand New Junction Modelling in Macroscopic Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models n.a. OmnitransJuly, 2008
Dieuwke Vijselaar Het positioneren van ambulances Show Ambulance Oost April, 2008
Maurice Bosman Frequency Assignment n.a. Internal / Cass Buisiness School February, 2008
Jan-Maarten Verbree Lifetime of Mobile Networks n.a. Internal / Thales October, 2007
Matthijs Bomhof Approximation Algorithms n.a. Internal August, 2007
Gwendy van Schooten n.a. UnileverJune, 2007
Mark van der Spoel Route planning n.a. Siemens VDO Trading August, 2006
Ingrid Koens n.a. EMCAugust, 2006
Remko Stam Supply chain of beer boxes n.a. Grolsch July, 2006
Pim van 't Hof Graph coloring n.a. University of Klagenfurt June, 2006
Leendert Kok Scheduling with spatial resources Show Internal April, 2006
Ellen Even Bemanningsconcepten: een model voor het bepalen van een bemanningsgrootte en samenstelling n.a. TNO-FELMarch, 2006
Marcel van den Brink Planning of parent-teacher meetings n.a. Internal March, 2006
Casper Middelkamp Transport of rail carriages to maintenance n.a. NS-Reizigers November, 2005
Jeroen van Oostrum Master surgical schedules in hospitals n.a. EMC October, 2005
Tom Guldemond Time-constrained project scheduling n.a. Ortec September, 2005
Marc Wolbers Decision Support for compatible routes n.a. Holland Railconsult June, 2005
Ronal Landman Creating timetables for Dutch high schools n.a. Internal March, 2005
Jacob Jan Paulus Online matching on a line n.a. Internal March, 2005
Bert Marchal Backbone colorings of graphs n.a. Internal December, 2004
Hilbrandt Baarsma Implementing DSP-algorithms on the Montium architecture n.a. Internal with INF group November, 2004
Conno Hendriksen Capacity planning in an engineer-to-order environment n.a. Internal with TBK group November, 2004
Maarten Kroon Planning of shift sequences in personnel rosters n.a. ORTEC October, 2004
Bas Heideveld Scheduling in a rolling horizon environment n.a. Internal with TBK group November, 2004
Timo Septer n.a. InternalJuly, 2004
Bianca Makkink The power of rolling horizon n.a. Paragon August, 2004
Ingrid van Riel Operations research in practice n.a. Tebodin July, 2004
Inge Ruel Research for new possibilities within logistics n.a. Essent June, 2004
Leo van Iersel Radar cluster algorithms n.a. Thales July, 2004
Bastiaan ten Broeke Road network vulnerability n.a. Goudappel Coffeng April, 2004
Peter de Haan Timetabling in Dutch secondary schools n.a. Internal April, 2004
Karin Baak Dropping transport regulations n.a. Centraal Boekhuis January, 2004