Interview of Prof.A. Pras with NOS Dutch TV channel regarding DDoS attacks to schools

Interview for NOS: Schools are daily under DDoS attacks.

Yesterday, on 9 December 2015, the Dutch national television, NOS, interviewed Prof. Aiko Pras on the topic of DDoS attacks daily noticed against Dutch school (
NOS was seeking the expertize of Prof. Pras' research group that is one of the specialists in DDoS attacks in the country. Prof. Pras' group is monitoring the activity of hundreds of websites (called Booters) that offer DDoS attacks as a cheap service and were paid by students to make the entire infrastructure of schools off-line. On average less than 10 dollars are enough to anyone using credit card, PayPal, and BitCoin, make a website off-line. Pras' group has several works recognized by the academic community towards the investigation of the Booter phenomenon. Besides of that, his group is in constant collaboration with the Academic Dutch Network (SURFNet) and Dutch companies towards Booters mitigation. Among many surprising affirmations that Prof. Pras made based on his (published and unpublished) findings, what most call the attention of NOS was that (using Booter websites) it is "easier to launch DDoS attacks than to book your holidays".

Some of their publications on the topic can be found in the following links:

For detailed information you can contact Prof. Pras ( or his PhD Jair Santanna (