DACS PhD candidate contributed to tutorial

On June 6 2012, DACS PhD candidate Rick Hofstede contributed to the tutorial “Using NfSen/NFDUMP Tools with Extension Plugins for the Network Security Monitoring”. The tutorial was organized by Pavel Celeda, from Masaryk University (Czech Republic), and was part of the conference AIMS 2012 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Rick presented two applications that were developed at DACS, namely: SURFmap and SSHCure. SURFmap is a network monitoring tool based on the Google Maps API, and has more than 2000 downloads from SourgeForge since 2010. SSHCure, a flow-based SSH intrusion detection system, is the newest addition to the set of tools for network security monitoring. SSHCure has been designed and developed by DACS students Laurens Hellemons and Luuk Hendriks.