DACS well represented at Automotive Week 2011

Between May 14th and 22th the Helmond and Eindhoven region was dominated by advances in vehicular and transportation technology as part of the Automotive Week. The University of Twente is very active in the field of future mobility and DACS was present to showcase their work in Intelligent Transportation Systems as part of three projects which, besides the 8th international Automotive Congress, form the central showcase of what drivers can expect on the roads of the future.


Sunday 15th of May the A270 was the scene of a demonstration of a platoon of Toyota Prius cars driving in Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control mode. This technology was previously tested in a more modest setting at the RDW test facilities in Lelystad.

Watch the movie at:


More pictures of Connect&Drive are available here.

SPITS shockwave demonstration

Part of the demonstrations on Sunday was a group of 50 vehicles driven by volunteers. Some of these vehicles were instrumented with Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication and others were instrumented with a small display which would tell the driver to either slow down or speed up. Aim of the demonstration was to show that ITS can prevent the occurrence of traffic jams.

Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge – GCDC

After months of preparation 9 international teams moved their vehicles to TNO's VEHIL lab in Helmond. Starting thursday May 5th, intensive development continued by all teams to instrument their vehicles to operatie in CACC mode with a focus on string stability. Challenges included vehicle control, positioning and Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication using the recently standardised IEEE 802.11p standard and the CALM communication stack.

DACS participated as part of Team FUTURUM in collaboration with Fontys Automotive in Helmond, the Centre for Transport Studies at the University of Twente and the Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering department at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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From left to right:

Rene Luppens*, Gertjan Tillema+, Mark Wierbosch+, Arun Das#, Tjalling Veldhuizen*, Martijn van Eenennaam+, Ismail Bayezit#.

*Fontys Automotive, +University of Twente, #University of Waterloo.