DACS worldwide in the news

Last week DACS researchers, who reported that the attacks by “anonymous” WikiLeaks proponents are not anonymous, have been in the news worldwide.

Within one week, the report describing our findings has been downloaded more than 70000 times. In Google search, more than 1000 links pointed to the report. The title of the report, "Anonymous WikiLeaks proponents not so anonymous", appeared in Google search nearly 40000 times. DACS researchers have, amongst others, been interviewed by BBC, tweakers and the local newspaper Tubantia. Numerous other sites quoted our results, including the New York Times, Le Monde Informatique, Stern, NRC, The Sydney Morning Herald, NOS headlines, eBand, Globo, die Presse, wikipedia, slashdot, PC World, boingboing, OSnews, Telepolis, the Tech Herald, C-Net, THINQ, Root.cz, Hard Core Security Lab, WebWereld, the Register, Nucea.eu, Gamerzneeds and the Glasgowwired.

The regional TV station, RTV Oost, broadcasted an interview with our group in their daily news program of December 14, 2010.

Finally the colloquium with the title cyberwar: Stuxnet, WikiLeaks and Pakistan, which was organized by DACS on December 17, has been recorded and can be viewed via this link (note that the intro in the first 2:30 minutes is in dutch; for the english part move the slider to 2:30).

The network security related research within DACS is performed within the context of the European Univerself project and the Istrice SRO of the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology.