Jehangir, A.

(9 April 2009)

A security architecture for personal networks
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M. and Heemstra de Groot, S.M.
  Malhotra, R.

(31 October 2008)

Quality of service modeling and analysis for carrier ethernet
  Promotor: van den Berg, J.L. and Mandjes, M.R.H.
  Remke, A.K.I.

(20 June 2008)

Model Checking Structured Infinite Markov Chains
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M.
  Zaburnenko, T.S.

(25 January 2008)

Efficient heuristics for simulating rare events in queuing networks
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M.
  Supervisor: de Boer, P.T.
  Sadre, R.

(10 January 2007)

Decomposition-Based Analysis of Queueing Networks
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M.
  van de Meent, R.

(24 March 2006)

Network link dimensioning: a measurement & modeling based approach
  Promotor: Nieuwenhuis, L.J.M. and Mandjes, M.R.H.
  Supervisor: Pras, A.
  Kuntz, G.W.M.

(March 2006)

Symbolic Semantics and Verification of Stochastic Process Algebras
  Promotor: Siegle, M.
  Cloth, L.

(13 January 2006)

Model Checking Algorithms for Markov Reward Models
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M.
  Párhonyi, R.

(20 October 2005)

Intra-piconet scheduling in Bluetooth
  Promotor: Nieuwenhuis, L.J.M.
  Supervisor: Pras, A.
  Kalden, R.A.

(08 December 2004)

Mobile internet traffic measurement and modeling based on data from commercial GPRS networks
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M.
  Ait Yaiz, R.

(08 July 2004)

Intra-piconet scheduling in Bluetooth
  Promotor: Haverkort, B.R.H.M. and Niemegeers, I.G.M.M.
  Supervisor: Heijenk, G.J.
  Dey, D.

(19 June 2003)

Theory Towards an all-optical WDMslotted-ring MAN with support for optical multicasting
  Promotor: van Bochove, A. C. and Koonen, A. M. J.
  Salvador, M.R.

(31 January 2003)

MAC protocols for optical packet-switched WDM rings
  Promotor: Niemegeers, I.G.M.M.
  Supervisor: Heemstra de Groot, S.M.