Previous projects at the BSS human function level:

Previous projects at the BSS human function level:

NeuroSIPE: Painsight - Closed loop identification of the nociceptive system

The PaINSIGHT project, which is funded by the STW Perspective Programme NeuroSIPE, is a collaboration between the BSS and AAMP groups of the University of Twente and the University Medical Centre St. Radboud. The project focuses on parameter identification of the nociceptive system for improved monitoring of chronic pain development. ... read more

POWERSENSOR: Ambulatory assessment of daily life interactions between the human body and environment.


REFLEX LEG: Control of leg prostheses through bidirectional information exchange with the body


Myopro: development of an innovative myoelectric forearm prosthesis


BrainGain: Stroke rehabilitation in the home environment

Rehabilitation in stroke patients may benefit from advances in understanding of the various mechanisms responsible for improvement, including neural plasticity and renewed motor learning. ... read more


BrainGain: Targeting the brain with DBS in Parkinson’s disease

Finding optimal DBS settings is complicated by uncertainties regarding optimum targets leading to therapeutic benefits as well as the low thresholds for side effects. ... read more

Cardiac control by sensing and stimulating the vagus nerve