BSS colleague prof Richard van Wezel co-applicant of one of the ‘Perspectief’ projects of Dutch Technology Foundation STW


Co-applicants Prof Richard van Wezel (MIRA) and Dr Mark Bentum (CTIT)

Giving eyesight to the blind again, that is a major wish of brain researchers. This is exactly what the new consortium, led by Dutch Brain Institute, wants to achieve. The consortium exists of neurobiologists and of engineers specialized in microelectronics and wireless communication. They want to develop a prosthesis, stimulating a blind person’s brain and connected to a camera. The coming four years, the consortium will work on an optimized design of the prosthesis, wireless power supply, data transfer and algorithms requiring a minimum of processing power for converting the camera images into useful brain signals.

Partners: AEMICS, ATLAS Neuroengineering, Bartiméus, Blackrock Microsystems Europe, Bluemark, Brain Innovation, De Oogvereniging, Elitac, Nederlands Herseninstituut, Radboud Universiteit, ReSnap, Tiberion, Twente Medical System International, Maastricht University, University of Twente, Vicarvision, Visio

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