Usability and User Experience evaluation of an Electronic Wall (eWALL) to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

Usability and User Experience evaluation of an Electronic Wall (eWALL) to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

BSc. assignment


Client Information

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), located in Enschede, the Netherlands is the largest Dutch independent scientific research centre for rehabilitation technology, linked to the Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede. RRD is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the fields of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine.

About the Project

eWALL ( is a smart caring home technology that aims to make elderly with chronic diseases live independently for longer periods of time; give relevant feedback to relatives of the elderly (e.g: information about the quality of their parents sleep, their patterns daily life routine, etc.) and enable professional caregivers to be more effective in their work and have a closer relationship with more people who need them. The eWALL home installation consists of a wall with a large touch screen as a main means of interaction.


Project description

The large eWall with touch screen is a brand new form of interaction between the older user and health technology installed in their homes. On this screen several things can be seen: windows with information, notifications, videos, etc. And the older uses operates the eWall with being close or far away, touching the screen, etc. While this allows for whole new ways of using technology in elderly care, problems might arise with regard to usability. Is the technique self-explanatory? Does the older user trust such an eWall for improving his or her health?

The goal of the assignment is to test the eWall for usability issues and to assess the user experience with older adults. The student is expected to help design the evaluation setup, to conduct the evaluation with older adults, to analyze findings (in terms of redesign advice) and to write up a final report. We will help with the recruitment of participants, setting up the technology and arrange a testing environment (the student can make use of a Living Lab environment).

Student requirements

We are looking for a motivated student with a background in health psychology, or communication science. The assignment would be suited excellently for a Bachelor’s thesis. Experience with or interest in usability testing of new technology is a prerequisite. The candidate must speak Dutch fluently and be proficient in English. Finally, the student must interact with older adults and must therefore have good social skills. We ask those students that are interested to send a short email (in English) to Cristian-Dan Bara ( and Harm op den Akker ( in which the shortly introduce themselves and explain their interest in the assignment. An interview will be held to determine the suitability of the student and to give the student the idea to experience the eWall him or herself.

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Research theme

Rehabilitation Technology, Roessingh Research & Development, Enschede

Principal Investigator track

Harm op den Akker

Cristian-Dan Bara

Supervision and info

Cristian-Dan Bara