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Crosslinking polymer microparticles in non-equilibrium with light: Redox-active designer hydrogels for low-cost lab-on-paper diagnostics

The aim of this project is the construction of a sensor on paper, using particles of a redox-active polymer. This polymer changes colour upon oxidation/reduction, giving a direct qualitative readout of the signal. A quantitative signal can be obtained by measuring the number of oxidations/reductions electrochemically. The polymer particles will be produced using microfluidics, which enables us to capture non-equilibrium liquid shapes into solid particles.


Blu-Ray player setup for direct writing of particles into polymer solution




Laura Hendriks was born in Boxmeer, the Netherlands in 1988. She grew up in the small village Sint Anthonis. In 2006 she started her study chemistry at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, for which she received her masters degree in June 2012. During her studies she was teaching assistant for a number of courses, amongst which were Thermodynamics and Fourier Analysis. During internships, she performed research at the Solid State Chemistry and Solid State NMR groups of the Radboud University, as well as at Akzo Nobel, Synthon B.V. and the Biomimetics and Biomineralization group of Joanna Aizenberg at Harvard University. Since June 2012 Laura has been working as PhD student in the BIOS, lab on a chip group at the University of Twente.

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