Symposium Integrated Micro Nano Systems


Integrated Micro Nano Systems: R&D Challenges ahead and enabling applications

Tuesday 20 June, 2006, University of Twente, De Vrijhof, Amphitheater

Organised by CTIT SRO eHealth in collaboration with MESA+ and BMTI

Bio- Micro- and nano-technologies: preparation for the EC’s seventh framework programme (FP7).

The MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology conducts research in the fields of nanotechnology, microsystems, materials science and microelectronics, targetting different application domains including medical and life sciences. BMTI Institute for Biomedical Technology research focuses on various (bio)medical technology issues from (early) diagnostics through medical intervention, cure, care and more rehabilitation related activities, including technologies for regenerative medicine. Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) researches various areas of ICT including embedded systems, smart sensor networks and Body Area Networks enabling biomedical applications. To explore the convergence of bio- micro- and nano-technologies, these three research institutes of the University of Twente are organising a joint symposium. The purpose is to bring together these strands of research and business activities in the region to exchange information, with a view, amongst others, to preparation for the next EU framework programme for research and development.



10.00 Session 1: Micro- Nano- Technologies (MNT) in the European Commission’s IST programme.

Session Chair Val Jones.

Introduction and Welcome

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Converging Micro-nano-and biomedical technology towards smart integrated systems:

Vision, R&D and Future Challenges under the IST program. Dr Andreas Lymberis (Scientific Officer), European

Commission, Information Society & Media Directorate-General, Micro & Nano Systems.

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Session 2: CTIT: Medical applications of MNT. Session Chair Iddo Bante (Managing Director of CTIT)

Introduction: Iddo Bante

Focus presentation: Using Sensor Data in Smart Surroundings. Maria Lijding, CTIT.

Focus presentation: From BAN to AmI-BAN: micro and nano technologies in future Body Area Networks. Val Jones, Senior Researcher, CTIT.

12.30 LUNCH, demos and poster sessions

13.30 Session 3: BMTI: Regenerative Medicine. Session Chair Clemens van Blitterswijk, Prof. Biocompatibility, BMTI.

Focus presentation: Biosensors & Lab on Chip developments. Albert van den Berg, Prof. Biomedical and Environmental Sensorsystems, MESA+.

Focus presentation: Cell Analysis and Early Diagnostics. Vinod Subramaniam, Prof. Biophysical Engineering, BMTI.

14.30 COFFEE

15.00 Session 4: MESA+: Nanotech R&D in Twente. Session Chair Cees Eijkel, technical-commercial director MESA+.

Introduction: Cees Eijkel.

Focus presentation: MESA+: Building a strong nanotechnology cluster. Cees Eijkel.

Focus presentation: Accelerating business development in public research. Paul Nederkoorn, CEO of MESA+ International Ventures:

16.00 Discussion panel (Chair Manfred Reichert, leader of CTIT SRO ehealth)

16.30 Close and Borrel

Val Jones. General Programme Chair. 8/6/2006