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Agreements about the format of websites within

A website within is restricted to:

  • Faculties, Institutes and Services acknowledged by the University of Twente.
  • Study and student associations which are registered by the Service centre Student and Education (S&O).

The UT uses the format of the UT subdirectories for the names of UT websites (URL’s):

  •<root>/<subdirectory> (for example, which can be further extended)

Websites are created in the content management system (CMS) of the UT, using the corporate identity of the UT. Exceptions can be made for study and student associations.

More information about the goals of this policy and possible exceptions can be found in the domain name policy, point 5. This policy is only available in Dutch.

About the website

Websites will default be managed with the Content Management Systeem (CMS) WebHare in UT-style and will be published at[name] for the Dutch version and[name] for the English version.[name] will also be provided and you choose if that points to your Dutch or English website.

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