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Domain names outside of UTWENTE.NL (for example <sub domain>.<domain>.nl) are supported for projects or activities with UT interest, where it is undesirable that the name UTWENTE.NL is used. If the interest is temporary, support will be provided for up to 3 years.

Marketing & Communications decides, on behalf of the Executive Board and in deliberation with the deans and/or scientific directors concerned, if there is an UT interest in the present situation. Think about research collaborations in which the university participates as secretary and a domain name containing UTWENTE.NL is undesirable.

Study and student associations are allowed to register an own domain name outside UTWENTE.NL and map the DNS settings on UT-servers within the UTWENTE.NL domain. The registration and maintenance of these domain names is the responsibility of ICTS.

The complete document can be found here: domain name policy (in Dutch)

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