WebHare: Problems and errors


On this page we explain: 

  1. Log in for UT websystems in general (Osiris, staff portal, student portal, WebHare, etc)
  2. Log in for WebHare (voor webmasters and users of intranet pages)
  3. Logging out
  4. How to solve problems logging in and out

1 Log in for UT websystems in general 

Many UT websystems (employee portal, student portal, web applications, Osiris, WebHare, etc) are connected to the UT Single Sign On (SSO). With SSO you do not need to login for every single application again. If you are logged in to the employee portal and open a web application, the UT login system logs you in automatically now. It works the same way for opening a new tab in your browser: when opening a page that requires login, you will not have to login again. The login is valid for all tabs and windows within the same browser. 

2 Log in for WebHare 

For WebHare there are two different ways for logging in:


If you have a university account (e.g. m, s , x or d number) use the first option for login. Clicking on 'go to login' leads you to the login page for the central UT login system, which is being used for most UT applications. 


If you do not have a university account at the UT (m, s, x or d number) then you might have have received a local or temporary account (e.g. ‘project123’). These local WebHare accounts use the login option below.

3 Logging Out

Because of Single Sign On (SSO) as explained under 1), logging out may also affect several systems, not only the system you where you hit the logout button.

logout button: Yes or no?

A logout button is available on some systems (for example the employee portal, mouse over your name). This button will log you out for the portal and webapplications and other systems participating in Single Sign On. It will not log you out for systems that are not connected to the Single Sign On. 

Closing your browser

Closing your browser is the best way to log you out. Unfortunately, this works different for Chrome. Chrome, just like mobile browsers, keep running on the background and will not log you out until you restart your computer. If you would like to log out when you close Chrome, please unselect this options in the Chrome settings: 

This should work for most computers, but the combination of computer brand, browser and operation system may have an influence on this setting.

4 How to solve problems logging in and out

If you have trouble logging in, try on of the following suggestions:  

  1. User name: Log in using your m-number, which contains seven digits. The eights digit is only used for library purposed, not used in your username. 
  2. Lost you password: The ICT Servicedesk can help you reset your password. Employees may also reset their password by using the ICT selfservice portal. If you have added an alternative/secondary email address in the past, your password can be emailed to that address.  
  3. Login with more than one account: If you have been logged earlier today with a certain account you might be stilled logged in with that account in the background. If you need to login with another account, please close all windows of the browser to completely log out.  

Do you other questions about the student portal, employee portal or WebHare websites/login? Please contact the online media team of Marketing & Communications. For other account related questions please contact the ICT Servicedesk.