WebHare: Problems and errors

Link on webpage refers to C-drive

Sometimes a link on a web page inadvertently refers to a file on the C drive , and not to a web page.

This occurs when you open a Word document from WebHare, without saving it. In addition, Windows/Word places your file into a temporary folder on the C drive, which makes the link refer to this location. This is a bug in Word. If you then save the document, it will contain an incorrect link.


Option 1: for the average user:

If you want to customize a Word document, then save it first to your computer. Next you open it.

Option 2: for advanced users:

Customize your Word documents online (via WebDav). This is an option that is available only for Microsoft products, so this option is only suitable for Internet Explorer. Open the Publisher, and in the menu go to Publisher, then click Voorkeuren/Preferences. Tick the checkbox for 'Office documenten met WebDav openen' / 'Try to open office documents using WebDav' and click on OK. From now on you can get documents to open in WebHare by double-clicking and save it directly online using the opslaan/save button.