WebHare: Problems and errors

Changes not directly visible

Sometimes changes are not directly vissible, this can be caused by two reasons. Firstly, it can happen because WebHare hasn’t uploaded all the changes yet. This can take a while, republishing the folder can help in this case. Secondly, sometimes your computer saves the website and opens the old version when refreshing. Follow the next steps to solve the problem:

Re-publish folder/ site:
Sometimes, WebHare still needs to process some things. By republishing the folder, you might see your changes faster. You can do this by selecting the specific folder with the right mouse button, then you go to Republish and select Current Site:

It can still take a while before you see the changes. If files are republished after editing, you will see a green check-symbol in the 'status' column. When the status icon shows a yellow dot it's still busy uploading. A red X tells you that something went wrong. 

Old version of the page is saved on the computer:
Browsers like Internet Explorer save websites local on the harddrive. They do this so whenever you visit the website again, they don’t have to download the page again from the server. This method works faster but can also cause why you don’t see the updated version of your page. Refreshing the website (F5) won’t work in most cases, when this is the case you have to proceed with an ‘hard refresh’ of the page. You can perform this by pressing CTRL-F5. If this won’t work, try opening the website in a different browser.