WebHare: nice extras

News messages on your website

General information

When you want to publish a series of news items, you can set the folder type to news folder by right clicking on the folder and choosing Edit type. This will improve the lay-out of your website.

A news item can be a file or a link. Fill in the description of the news item (Go to the properties of the item). This description will be placed at your website. When the description is larger then can be shown in the news overview, a ‘read further’ link is automatically created. Optionally, you can upload a photo which is placed on the left next to the news item. You can upload the photo through the ‘Newsitem’ tab of the properties menu of your item. Items containing a picture are placed above items without a picture.

After 4 news items WebHare automatically puts the rest of the items on a new page, so that visitors do not have to scroll down too much.

Exception: Show news items on the ‘home’ page

Because the folder ‘home’ does not exist in WebHare (it is created automatically) you cannot place any news items on the above described manner at the ‘home’ page of your website. Alternatively create a news-folder in your website (for example ‘news’) and do not fill in any title (this makes sure the folder is not shown on the left in the menu). Then go to the index file of the main folder, click on properties and set ‘Show news items from:’ in the general tab. In this example, select ‘news’.

Exception: Use news-folders as navigation instead of news

The website of ICTS is an example of a website that uses the news lay-out as navigation and not as news. In that case it is not desirable that ‘latest news’ is shown above the items. The web-editors can change the settings of your site, so ‘latest news’ is replaced by the title of the folder.