How to expand folders

What folders look like

WebHare places new subfolders at the bottom of you page like this:

The black text is the folder. When clickable, it will lead you to the index file of the folder. The blue links are the items in the folder.

Hiding the content of a folder on a page

At the properties of the index file, you can choose which folders to expand at the bottom of the page. As you can see at the screenshot below, folder3 is checked to make sure it is not expanded, after which it is added to the list of other files (word documents, pdfs, links). On the start page, the folder then is completely removed (because it’s still available by clicking the menu). You can do this for every folder on your website.

Other ways of hiding/showing folders in the menu at the website:

Blank title: If you want to hide a folder completely just leave the title blank.

Folder not clickable: If you remove the index file from a folder, you cannot click on the folder. On this page you cannot click on subfolder 1. (That is because there is no index, and the index is used to generate an overview of what’s in the folder. You can still click the individual items in the folder). If you remove the index, of a folder of the highest level, that folder is not shown in the menu anymore. Having no index means you cannot click on it, so the menu item cannot be opened.