Tips ordered by subject

The structure of a page

Layout (this is heading 2/head2 in Word)

When uploading Word documents, WebHare automatically chooses the right font, color etc. which fits in the corporate design of the UT. You do not have to pay any further attention to this. Preferably, choose as head heading 2 or 3 in Word and not heading 1, because heading 1 overwrites the title at the top of the page.

The index-file

Every folder in WebHare needs an index-file (recognizable by the arrow ahead of the name) to make sure the content of this folder can be listed on the internet.

Index option 1: When you leave the regular-index.html-file (the index.html that is created automatically by creation of a new folder), then the options are limited. You can only put plain text above your webpage:

•The title of the index-file is used as the title of your page. You can see the index file in this folder has the title The structure of a page, which is shown at the top of this page.

•You can fill out the description of the index.html file (via properties), to place an introductory text at the top of the website. The rest of the webpage will be shown after this text.

Index option 2: When you want to show more than some plain text at the top of the page (text with layout, images, tables, etc.) you’ll have to upload a Word file with the desired information. After uploading that file, you need to tell WebHare to use that file as index. Go to the properties of the file, and open the second tab publication, where you can check the option use as index. The original index.html-file then disappears because it is not necessary anymore. The title of the index file is shown above your webpage. (Exception: When the Word documents starts with a heading 1,that heading 1 text is used as webpage title.)

This picture shows how this folder looks in WebHare: The last file is the index (arrow in front), which is shown directly online. Its title is the title shown at the top of this webpage. The other files (pdf, word, links etc) are placed as links under the text you are reading right now, the subfolders within this folder are placed on the very bottom of the page.